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Cops: Girl Brings Knife to School to Fend Off Clowns

The 11-year-old was arrested Friday

(Newser) - In what's either a prudent safety measure or an excellent example of media-induced hysteria, an 11-year-old girl in Georgia was arrested Friday for allegedly bringing a knife to school to protect her from clowns, the Athens Banner-Herald reports. "She said that the reason she had the knife was... More »

Alabama Schools Locked Down Due to Clowns on Social Media

Multiple threats reported Thursday and Friday

(Newser) - Schools across an Hale County in Alabama were on lock down Friday due to "recent threats from clowns on social media," WBRC reports. And they don't mean clowns in the pejorative sense, either. Clowns—pancake makeup, colorful hair, generally terrifying— have been causing concern and increased patrols... More »

NC Cops: Those Clown Sightings Were Fake

One arrested for filing false clown report

(Newser) - Those afraid of clowns can sleep a little easier in North Carolina, where authorities say at least two reports of suspicious clown sightings in Winston-Salem were fabricated. Residents first reported that a clown was trying to lure kids into woods with treats on Sept. 4. However, police say surveillance footage... More »

Cops Step Up Patrols After More Carolina Clown Sightings

Kids say clown tried to lure them with treats

(Newser) - Cops are seeking a suspect with white overalls, red shoes, red bushy hair, a white face, and a red nose after the latest in a string of disturbing clown sightings in the Carolinas. In the latest incident, police in Winston-Salem, NC, say the suspect tried to lure kids into woods... More »

Sheriff Vows to Arrest Creepy Clowns

Sightings continue in Greenville, South Carolina

(Newser) - More sightings of people dressed in clown makeup and wigs have led police in Greenville, SC, to warn that anyone doing so will be arrested. "It's illegal. It's dangerous. It's inappropriate, and it's creating community concern so it needs to stop," says Police... More »

Kids: Clowns Are Trying to Lure Us Into SC Woods

Police have so far uncovered nothing suspicious

(Newser) - Residents of Greenville, South Carolina, say a person (or people) dressed as a clown has been trying to lure children into the woods near an apartment complex, WSPA reports. On Aug. 21, a woman called authorities to report that her son had seen "clowns in the woods." Another... More »

Viral Stunt or Genuinely Creepy? Scary Clown Strolls

With black balloons, no less, in Green Bay

(Newser) - Coulrophobes might want to steer clear of Wisconsin for a while. Some creeped-out people in Green Bay have been calling police about a clown wandering around with a bouquet of black balloons, reports USA Today . The clown was spotted at 2am Monday, though it's unclear whether he's surfaced... More »

'Doo Doo' the Clown Saves 2 From Deranged Attacker

There was plenty of space in Doo Doo's car

(Newser) - Two Toronto women fleeing a deranged attacker were saved by a clown who had more than enough room in his car. Doo Doo the Clown tells the Toronto Star that he was still in full clown costume Sunday afternoon when he spotted an apparently disturbed man jumping on cars and... More »

Beloved Clown Found in Sex Offender's Home

It disappeared from amusement park years ago

(Newser) - If you're not from Wichita, Kan., Louie the mechanical clown may seem a little creepy—but where he was discovered is a lot creepier. The life-size clown, who played the Wurlitzer organ at the city's now-closed Joyland amusement park for decades, was found this week in the home... More »

Evil Clowns Run Amok in France

Rash of violence blamed on people dressed as clowns

(Newser) - A rash of violence by a bunch of decidedly sinister clowns is turning France into a nation of coulrophobes: Cops arrested a gang of 14 teenagers dressed as clowns outside a high school in southern France on Saturday, reports the Guardian ; the teens were carrying pistols, knives, and baseball bats.... More »

'Wasco Clown' Terrorizing California ... Kind Of

Clown posting on social media inspires rash of apparent prank calls

(Newser) - For the past week or so, authorities in California's Central Valley have been fielding calls about clowns supposedly terrorizing locals. On Wednesday, a clown with orange hair was reportedly chasing people with a club, for example, but when sheriff's deputies responded, there was no evidence of a clown... More »

Clown Canned for Shouting Insults at Black Family

At fair, he called mom 'nappy head,' 'unbeweaveable'

(Newser) - If you're a clown in a dunk tank at a carnival, part of your job is to gently egg on attendees so that they'll hand over a couple of bucks and try to sink you. But a Tennessee family says one performer crossed the line at the Delta... More »

Uh-Oh: Clown Shortage Looms in US

It's no laughing matter, say clown organizations

(Newser) - Good news, coulrophobes : A "national clown shortage" may soon be upon us, the New York Daily News reports. It seems as older clowns are dying, not nearly as many younger clowns are joining the ranks to replace them—leading to a drastic decrease in membership at the country's... More »

Notorious Mexican Gangster Killed—by Clown Assassin

Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix ran Tijuana cartel

(Newser) - It's an ignoble ending for one of Mexico's most notorious cartel chiefs: Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix was shot dead in Cabo San Lucas on Friday, and as a spokesman for state prosecutors tells Reuters , "A person dressed as a clown took his life." The costume actually... More »

Man Behind Creepy British Clown Revealed

Newspaper ruins 22-year-old college student's fun

(Newser) - The mysterious clown that has been making a name for himself in the British town of Northampton has finally been unmasked. The Mirror applied its investigative reporting powers to ruining everyone's fun by revealing just who was behind the apparent homage to Pennywise from Stephen King's IT. And... More »

Creepy Clown Is Freaking Out a British Town

He apparently looks like Pennywise

(Newser) - If you suffer from coulrophobia, stop reading. The British town of Northampton has been reporting jarring sightings of a creepy clown, who first appeared on Friday (the 13th). The Herald & Post reports that the clown, a man fully decked out with red hair and white face with severely arched... More »

Clown Dies in Front of Macy's Parade Viewers

Robert Blasetti went into cardiac arrest while making balloon animals

(Newser) - A sad footnote to yesterday's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade : A man dressed as a clown died while marching in the event, beside his similarly dressed wife and in front of spectators. The New York Post reports that Robert Blasetti, 67, went into cardiac arrest while making balloon animals... More »

Clown Wound Up With Steve Jobs' Stolen iPad

He unwittingly received it from his burglar friend

(Newser) - When his buddy gave him a 64GB iPad, Kenny the Clown immediately began using it in his act. "I didn't notice anything special or anything like that. It was silver; it looked normal," he tells the San Jose Mercury News . He loaded it up with songs he'... More »

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