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McCain: Libya Worse Cover-Up Than Watergate

Political tongues wag over Sandy's effect on election

(Newser) - In a world gone mad over Sandygeddon , at least we can turn on our televisions and find the comforting spectacle of politicians bickering. The looming hurricane, the looming election, and Libya dominated today's political talk shows, with John McCain leading the GOP's charge on the White House's... More »

Rubio on 'Romnesia:' 'Very Cute, Mr. President'

Surrogates trade blows on Libya, Big Bird, binders

(Newser) - Team Romney came out of the gate swinging at President Obama's "Romnesia" jab, his handling of Libya, and the whole "binders full of women" flap, with surrogate Marco Rubio blasting away at all three. Addressing Romnesia , Rubio said, "that fires up his base," but for... More »

Conflicts Plague Tense Obama Campaign

New e-book, 'Obama's Last Stand,' chronicles internal battles

(Newser) - The brilliant cohesion that fueled Team Obama's 2008 campaign has given way to personal rivalries, political clashes, clumsy coordination, and a tense atmosphere in 2012, according to a new e-book called Obama's Last Stand. Published by Politico and Random House, the book reports that: More »

3 Stories