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Nike Dumping Livestrong

It's cutting ties with cancer charity started by Lance Armstrong

(Newser) - Nike, which helped build Lance Armstrong's Livestrong cancer charity into a global brand and introduced its familiar yellow wristband, is cutting ties with the foundation in the latest fallout from the former cyclist's doping scandal. The move ends a relationship that began in 2004 and helped the foundation... More »

Lance Armstrong Chokes Up: 'I'm Sorry'

Disgraced cyclist apologizes to staff at Livestrong

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong gave an emotional apology to Livestrong staff today before heading off to his interview with Oprah Winfrey , reports ABC News . His "sincere and heartfelt apology" left some of the 100 Livestrong Foundation staffers in tears at their Austin, Texas, headquarters, said a spokeswoman. She refused to say... More »

How Lance Armstrong Profited From Livestrong

It built his brand, and in a few cases its deals raised eyebrows

(Newser) - When Lance Armstrong survived his bout with testicular cancer, agent Bill Stapleton saw an opportunity. "Lance isn't just a cyclist anymore," he said at the time. "Because of the cancer … he's on the verge of being a crossover-type spokesman." Stapleton, who works with... More »

Livestrong Ditches Armstrong's Name

Had officially been called Lance Armstrong Foundation

(Newser) - The Livestrong Foundation's official name was the Lance Armstrong Foundation—until Oct. 30. That day, Texas' secretary of state approved the cancer charity's bid to change its name, in a move to further distance itself from the cyclist who recently cut ties to the group . Henceforth, the Livestrong... More »

Livestrong Donations Up Since Scandal Broke

Just 8 donors have asked for refunds from charity

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong severed all ties to the cancer-fighting charity he founded in an effort to ensure donors didn't run for the hills—but Livestrong says just eight donors have asked for their money back since Armstrong's seven Tour de France titles were stripped by the US Anti-Doping Agency.... More »

Armstrong Severs Livestrong Ties a bid to keep charity afloat

(Newser) - Last month, Lance Armstrong stepped down as chairman of the Livestrong board ; now, he's severing all official ties to the charity. The cyclist had initially retained a seat on the board; on Nov. 4, he gave it up, the AP reports. But Armstrong "remains the inspiration" for the... More »

Armstrong Resigns From Livestrong

Nike nixes contract, citing 'insurmountable evidence' of doping

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong is leaving his post as chairman of Livestrong, he announced today, in the hopes that he'll take the cloud surrounding his doping allegations with him. "This organization, its mission, and its supporters are incredibly dear to my heart," he said in a statement obtained by... More »

Lance Armstrong Is Still a Hero

USADA's effort was a 'slam job': Buzz Bissinger

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong may have been stripped of his Tour de France titles , but he hasn't lost his legacy. This is a man who inspired us by overcoming life-threatening cancer to achieve the seemingly impossible. The cyclist "is a hero, one of the few we have left in a... More »

Nike: We're Sticking With Lance

Armstrong hasn't lost any major sponsors ... yet

(Newser) - Nike says it will not drop Lance Armstrong as a spokesman despite his latest doping trouble . "Lance has stated his innocence and has been unwavering on this position," said the company, his major sponsor. "Nike plans to continue to support Lance and the Lance Armstrong Foundation, a... More »

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