Non-Aligned Movement

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Angered by Egypt, Syrians Storm Out of Summit

Mohamed Morsi praises Syrian uprising at Nonaligned Movement Summit

(Newser) - Egypt's new president arrived in Iran today for a historic visit, the AP reports—and he promptly sparked a walkout at the Nonaligned Movement Summit. Mohamed Morsi, the first Egyptian leader to visit Iran since Tehran cut diplomatic relations with Egypt in 1979 over its peace treaty with Israel,... More »

Iran Calls for Nuclear Ban at Summit

Nation hailed as 'cradle of peace, justice'

(Newser) - Just as the West is accusing Iran of stepping up preparations to develop nuclear weapons, the nation's foreign minister yesterday called for a ban on nuclear arms at a conference of the Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran, reports AP . "We believe that the timetable for ultimate removal of nuclear... More »

2 Stories