Essex, England

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$300K Car Crashes 10 Minutes After It's Delivered

That's gotta sting

(Newser) - There was champagne, there was celebrating, there was … probably a lot of noise as some very expensive steel and rubber smashed into a tree. A man in Essex, England, appeared terribly excited to take delivery of his new $313,000 McLaren 650S sports car (a "supercar" that Jalopnik... More »

Naked Man Jumps on Bus to Escape Fire

British bus driver hailed for heroic rescue

(Newser) - With fire racing through a third-story apartment in Braintree, England, and no firefighters in sight, death or serious injury appeared to be inevitable for a man trapped by the flames. Enter Andy Waterman, bus driver. Waterman was driving an out-of-service double-decker bus back to the depot when he was flagged... More »

Short on Friends? Hire Mourners for Your Funeral

Company capitalizes on odd tradition from China, Middle East

(Newser) - You may be less than popular, but there's no need to appear uncool in death: For about $68 a head, a British company called Rent A Mourner will send "professional, polite, well dressed individuals” to your funeral or wake, Time reports. The industry is already well-established in China... More »

UK's Loose Lion Really a Cat Named 'Teddy Bear?'

Owner thinks her Maine Coon was mistaken for a lion

(Newser) - The mystery of the "lion" on the loose in Essex, England, may have been solved: Ginny Murphy says the fearsome creature spotted by locals was probably just her cat, Teddy Bear. She tells the BBC that her Maine Coon cat is a regular in the town's fields where... More »

UK Cops End Huge Search for 'Large Domestic Cat'

Well, or it could have been a big dog

(Newser) - Today, in the Bigfoot-esque Department: A reported lion spotting in Essex, England, last night had police pulling out all the stops. Two helicopters equipped with thermal imaging were dispatched, and as many as 25 armed officers set out in search of the creature, reports the BBC . Residents' proof: One claimed... More »

5 Stories