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Passenger: Airline Booted Me Over Menstrual Cramps

Emirates says crew just wanted her to have access to medical care

(Newser) - A 24-year-old woman was getting ready to travel from the UK to Dubai when she and her boyfriend were removed from the plane—thanks to her menstrual period, the Times of London reports. Beth Evans says that after she boarded the Emirates flight in Birmingham, a flight attendant overheard her... More »

3 Airlines Say US Has Lifted Laptop Ban

Emirates, Etihad, Turkish Airlines exempted

(Newser) - Emirates and Turkish Airways said Wednesday they have been exempted from a US ban on laptops in airplane cabins, joining Abu Dhabi-based Etihad in satisfying American security concerns that had cut into the long-haul carriers' business. It remains unclear how the airlines addressed fears that ISIS or other groups might... More »

Emirates Airliner Crash-Lands in Dubai

All 300 onboard reported to be OK

(Newser) - An Emirates flight from India with 300 people on board crash-landed at Dubai's main airport Wednesday, sending black smoke billowing into the air and halting all traffic at the Middle East's busiest airport. There were no fatalities and all the passengers were safely evacuated before the plane was... More »

UAE Beaches: No Bikinis, Please

Even if you've got it, flaunting it can get you fined

(Newser) - Tourists hoping to strut their stuff on certain sands in the United Arab Emirates will sadly have to keep those bikinis and Speedos packed tightly in their suitcases: Beaches in the UAE's northernmost emirate, Ras al-Khaimah, now sport signs warning of possible fines for revealing swimwear such as two-piece... More »

Jet Tail Hits Australian Runway on Takeoff

Passengers terrified, but no one hurt in Emirates plane's Melbourne liftoff

(Newser) - The tail of an Emirates jetliner carrying more than 225 people slammed into the runway as it took off from Melbourne, Australia, last night, sending smoke into the cabin and forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing. No one was hurt, but passengers described being terrified after learning something... More »

Foreign Airlines Soar Past US Carriers

Adding services, expanding routes helps margins; take heed, US carriers

(Newser) - As US airlines flounder, and consumers pay the price in baggage fees and reduced services, foreign carriers have an antidote: Buy new, more fuel-efficient aircraft, offer more services, and watch the money roll in. Dubai-based Emirates, which introduced the Airbus A380 on the Dubai-to-New York route Friday, charges first- and... More »

Emirates Air Inks $35B Order With Airbus

Boeing passed over for not launching its new 787-10 soon enough

(Newser) - Airbus got a huge boost from Emirates Airline on the first day of the the Dubai air show yesterday, winning a record $35-billion order for 81 planes. Emirates ordered 11 A380 super jumbos and 70 mid-sized A350 XWBs in the largest-ever single purchase of aircraft. Boeing got a consolation prize... More »

Flying in Style: 10 Best Business Classes

BusinessWeek lists the best upper-atmosphere experiences

(Newser) - With amenities like fully reclining seats, foot-massage parlors, and food that defies even the highest-flying expectations, airline business classes are more like mobile spas then just a way to get from point A to point B. BusinessWeek gives you the 10 best.
  1. Singapore Airlines
  2. Cathay Pacific
  3. Qatar Airways
  4. Malaysia Airlines
... More »

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