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Cops: Daughter, 13, Drives Drunk Parents From Bar

Very badly

(Newser) - Two parents in Austin, Texas, exercised great judgment in realizing that neither one of them was sober enough to drive home. But then the great judgment fell off a cliff, say police. The couple, out drinking Saturday night with their two kids in tow, gave the keys to the family... More »

Too Drunk to Drive? AAA Offers New Year's Eve Help

'Tow to Go' program will get you and your car to a safe place

(Newser) - If you find yourself too buzzed to drive home while celebrating the new year, AAA can help. Its "Tow to Go" program (which has actually been around since 1998) offers free rides tonight and tomorrow, whether you're a member or not. The service is meant to help people... More »

Designated Drivers: Guess How Many Are Really Sober

Researchers test subjects leaving Florida bars

(Newser) - Designated drivers aren't always the teetotalers one might hope them to be, a study suggests. Researchers tested 1,071 subjects exiting bars in a Florida city on a series of Friday nights over a three-month period; 165 of the subjects called themselves designated drivers. Of those, 35% had had... More »

Designated Driver, Make Room for 'Designated Texter'

Survey on teen safety coins a phrase

(Newser) - The bad news from a new State Farm survey is that a third of teen drivers admit to sending or reading texts while driving. The good news is that teens in general seem to have a greater awareness of the danger, with four of five saying they had scolded a... More »

4 Stories