citizen's arrest

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Bieber Neighbors Get Citizen's Arrest Training

After loud party gets cops called 6 times in a weekend

(Newser) - Quick: Justin Bieber is your new neighbor , what's the most important thing for you to learn? Probably how to make a citizen's arrest, which is exactly what police recently taught residents of Bieber's new Beverly Hills condo building. The Biebs had 75 people over Saturday night and... More »

Occupy Wall Street's Next Plan: S17

They'll surround stock exchange, maybe make citizens' arrests

(Newser) - The Occupy Wall Street movement has been locked in a slow death spiral this year, but organizers think they can revive it with a massive protest to mark its first anniversary on Sept. 17. The "S17" event will see protesters block traffic in the financial district, encircle the New... More »

2 Stories