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Misplaced Foam Delays 30 Flights in China

Firefighters targeted wrong plane after fire alert

(Newser) - When crew members of a passenger plane reported sparks coming from an engine while taxiing at an airport in southern China, eight fire trucks responded within minutes. Then they covered the wrong plane with white foam. The mistake at the Fuzhou city airport Thursday was quickly amended and the firefighters... More »

In China's Troubled Food, Chicken Butt, Feathers Lurk

'Guardian' rounds up some pretty disgusting ingredients

(Newser) - Despite occasional attempts to crack down, food scandals in China are a persistent—and gross—problem, the Guardian finds in a round-up of the country's recent food scandals. In Jiangsu province, 16 men have been handed hefty prison sentences for making and selling "poisonous and harmful" cooking oil... More »

Threat Diverts 2nd China Flight

Shenzhen Airlines diversion follows Air China threat

(Newser) - A Chinese flight was forced to divert because of a mid-air threat last night, just a day after another security threat forced a New York-bound Air China plane to return to Beijing . The Shenzhen airline flight from Hubei province to the southern city of Shenzhen landed safely in Wuhan following... More »

NY-Bound Jet Returns to Beijing After Threat

Warning came from US authorities, says state media

(Newser) - A security threat yesterday prompted an Air China jet seven hours into its flight to New York to return to Beijing, officials revealed. "Due to threatening information received about flight CA 981, to ensure the safety of passengers, this flight has returned to Beijing Capital International Airport," the... More »

4 Stories