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As Pakistan Ties Sour, US Looks for Options

But Central Asia expensive, with authoritarian governments

(Newser) - As relations with Pakistan deteriorate, the US military is developing alternate supply routes to Afghanistan through central Asia, reports the Washington Post . Landlocked Afghanistan, bordered by Iran on the west and authoritarian central Asian countries to the north, is a logistical challenge at the best of times. The US wants... More »

Kyrgyzstan Issues Eviction Notice to US

Forces have 6 months to leave; Uzbekistan offers new supply route

(Newser) - Kyrgyzstan has issued an eviction notice giving US forces six months to depart an air base key to the transit of troops and supplies to the war in Afghanistan, the AP reports. But in spite of its rocky relationship with the US, nearby Uzbekistan has offered an alternative route for... More »

Taliban Wrecks Key Afghanistan Supply Bridge

Deliveries cut off after Pakistan attack; how long remains unclear

(Newser) - Taliban militants have blown up a bridge along the NATO supply route across the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, halting deliveries to troops, the New York Times reports. Repairs are under way on the Khyber Pass bridge, but it’s not yet clear how long it will be before supply efforts resume. Militants... More »

US to Expand Routes Into Afghanistan

Safer roads will depend on cooperation of Central Asian nations

(Newser) - More than four-fifths of the supplies for allied troops in Afghanistan travel via Pakistan along a treacherous route, prompting the US to plan new supply lines in the embattled region. The fragility of the current setup was laid bare after a Pakistani counter-militant offensive shut down the Khyber Pass yesterday,... More »

Pakistani Offensive Shuts US Supply Line to Afghanistan

Crackdown targets Khyber Pass militants

(Newser) - Pakistan closed the main route used to ferry supplies to US and allied troops in Afghanistan today after launching a fresh offensive against militants in the area. The road through the Khyber Pass in the northwest of Pakistan has faced increasing attacks by militants seeking to squeeze Western forces fighting... More »

Afghan Supply Trucks Torched in Pakistan

Attack raises concerns about supply pipeline

(Newser) - Militants torched more than 160 trucks in two Pakistani terminals supplying US-led troops in Afghanistan, AP reports. A security guard was killed in the assault at one of the terminals. While some witnesses reported hundreds of gunmen, a US official called the attack “militarily insignificant,” saying it would... More »

Taliban Force US to Find New Route to Afghanistan

Pakistan corridor no longer reliable

(Newser) - Since the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, the American military has received about 75% of its supplies via a NATO corridor from Pakistan. But as the Taliban continue to grow in strength and the border region becomes ever more unstable, the US is now seeking new routes—including a punishing... More »

Pentagon, Army Captain Differ on Obama Tale

Army doubts, captain confirms weapons, troop shortages

(Newser) - Pentagon officials moved quickly yesterday to rebut Barack Obama's tale of an Army captain whose platoon, deployed in Afghanistan, was stripped of men and so lacking in equipment that they resorted to using captured Taliban weapons. "I find that account pretty hard to imagine," an Army spokesman said... More »

Pentagon Destroys Surplus Goods

Surplus dealers angry at scope of gear purge

(Newser) - The Pentagon is scrapping millions of dollars of gear it has traditionally resold to surplus dealers, Time reports. The army claims that sorting passels of helmets, boots, and sleeping bags is too onerous, while suppliers are concerned the move is the vestige of an effort to keep old jet parts... More »

9 Stories