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TV Is Getting 'Supersized' —and Annoying

'NYT' critic James Poniewozik says episodes are becoming more and more bloated

(Newser) - These days there's said to be "too much TV to choose from," but according to TV critic James Poniewozik writing for the New York Times , there's another prevalent problem: too-big TV, or what he refers to as TV that's "come down with a case... More »

Curved TVs Are Here ... for Only $15K

LG, Samsung testing US market

(Newser) - The newest whiz-bang TV will set you back a cool $15,000. South Korean companies LG and Samsung are selling 55-inch curved OLED televisions in the US, reports the Verge . LG is doing so via Best Buy (the rollout will gradually expand to stores across the US) and Samsung only... More »

New Peril of Childhood: Tumbling TVs

Number injured increases 125% in 2 decades: study

(Newser) - Could today's sleek new TVs be hurting kids—literally? As flat-screens have become more popular, the injury rate of children being hurt by televisions in the US has climbed, the BBC reports. Almost 200,000 kids, 64% of them under 5, were hurt between 1990 and 2011, according to... More »

New TV Remote: Blinking Your Eyes

The Eye Control TV reacts to your eyeballs

(Newser) - Too lazy to push a button on your remote? An innovative new device may be up your alley. The Eye Control TV, produced by a Chinese manufacturer, can change channels, adjust volume, and power down by sensing blinks, reports the Daily Mail . Now in its prototype form, the gadget requires... More »

4 Stories