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Woman Turns Tables on Bizarro Telemarketer

Things take crazy turn when Jessica Gottlieb tells 'Mark' she's recording call

(Newser) - If you ever get a call from a telemarketer named Mark from Chatsworth, you should a) probably not tell him you're recording your conversation, and b) maybe just hang up altogether. Unless you want pure YouTube gold, which is what happened when Los Angeles blogger Jessica Gottlieb reveals to... More »

Crafty Brit Cons Telemarketers Into Paying to Call Him

Man sets up pay line, makes hundreds off callers

(Newser) - Lee Beaumont was sick of telemarketers calling him, so he came up with a brilliant solution: He made them pay him for the privilege. The Leeds man signed up for an 0871-number (the British equivalent of a 900-number), and began giving that out to banks, utility companies, and other commercial... More »

Telemarketer Snaps After Man Hangs Up on Him

Calls back, says he has placed a bomb in house

(Newser) - Raise your hand if you've ever told a telemarketer "no thanks" and promptly hung up. Keep that hand raised if the telemarketer has then called back and threatened to blow up your home. That was apparently the situation in Mead, Colorado, last week, reports 7NEWS . "The telemarketer... More »

3 Stories