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Mormons Finally Explain Old Ban on Black Priests

Church officially disavows racist policy

(Newser) - Brigham Young is to blame for this one. The second president of the Mormon church decreed in 1852 that black men could not be priests, subscribing to a belief of the time that people of African descent were somehow spiritually inferior to white people, reports the Salt Lake Tribune . The... More »

Why Is It OK to Mock Mormons, But Not Muslims?

Bret Stephens is outraged by liberals' outrage over Innocence of Muslims

(Newser) - Just last year, Hillary Clinton attended a performance of the Book of Mormon in New York, and said not one peep in protest. But now she and the Obama administration are bending over backward to denounce Innocence of Muslims, which Clinton herself deemed "disgusting and reprehensible." "So... More »

YouTube's Musical Dads Sign With Sony

'The Piano Guys' are five Mormon fathers

(Newser) - They're five Mormon dads from Utah. They love to do quirky, instrumental covers of pop songs and put them on YouTube. And Sony just signed them, reports USA Today . "This is kind of freaky—miraculous, really," says one of the members of The Piano Guys, who have... More »

3 Stories