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Planned Parenthood CEO: I Shut Down Kushner's Abortion Idea

Cecile Richards writes he suggested a trade: money for no more abortions

(Newser) - Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards' new memoir dropped Tuesday, and one passage in it is getting some attention. People reports that Richards writes of being encouraged by a "friendly acquaintance in the fashion industry" to reach out to Ivanka Trump in the wake of Hillary Clinton's loss, amid... More »

Monster $32B Tech Deal Came Together in 2 Weeks

Sprint parent SoftBank bid for ARM Holdings is its latest move into 'Internet of Things'

(Newser) - SoftBank, owner of Sprint, wants to make further inroads into the "Internet of Things," and it hopes the $32 billion acquisition it just made will help it achieve that end. Per the AP , the Japanese tech company has purchased Britain's ARM Holdings , a firm that designs the... More »

The DNC Has a Deal for Bernie Sanders

Seats on critical committee in exchange for no drama at convention: sources

(Newser) - In choosing stick or carrot to get Bernie Sanders and his supporters to play ball at this summer's Democratic National Convention, the Democratic National Committee has decided to go with the carrot—at least for now. Two sources familiar with the situation say the DNC plans to offer Sanders... More »

Refugee Deal Would 'Break Business Model of Smugglers'

But humanitarian groups say Turkey-EU plan would be 'inhumane'

(Newser) - A possible deal between Turkey and the European Union to handle the ongoing migrant crisis is being hailed as a "breakthrough" by EU leaders after an outline was drafted Tuesday, the AP reports. This "one-for-one" arrangement would mean that in exchange for every migrant in Europe that Turkey... More »

Turkey to Protesters: Here's Our Offer

Government offers referendum on park, calls on protesters to exit

(Newser) - Two weeks after protests began, Turkey's government has made the people an offer. Under the proposal, which came at 3am as part of a meeting in the prime minister's residence, officials say they wouldn't pursue any development of Gezi Park until after a court rules on the... More »

Microsoft, Aol, Yahoo Agree to Sell Each Other's Ads

They say other 'players in the industry' are welcome to join them

(Newser) - Declining tech powers, unite! Microsoft, Yahoo, and Aol have agreed to a deal that will let them sell each other’s display ads, in a bid to drive revenue up and help them compete with Google and Facebook. A Microsoft VP characterized the deal as a "rising tide that... More »

Boyfriend Proposes Via Groupon, and She Accepts

He uses deal site to pop the question

(Newser) - Deal site Groupon says it can be used for anything, and one young Cincinnati suitor took the company at its word to snag his future wife, Mashable reports. Greg H's deal —Groupon helped him create what it's calling his "Grouposal"—went up today, and suggested that, for... More »

Congress Has Only One Option in 2011: Deal

Tax cut agreement paves the way: Sununu

(Newser) - There are only two ways of getting anything done in Washington: You can "drive" legislation through or you can make a "deal," writes former New Hampshire Sen. John Sununu in the Boston Globe . To use the "drive" technique, the party leadership in both houses lend their... More »

Tax Deal Offers GOP 'Hostages' for 2012

Krugman: Democrats will need to make more deals in election year

(Newser) - President Obama may have rescued some tax “hostages” from the GOP—the unemployed, for example—but in the process, he set up another hostage situation down the road, writes Paul Krugman in the New York Times . The "not-so-bad stuff” in the tax deal “expires at the end... More »

Obama Must Say No to 'Tax Cut Blackmail'

GOP closer to making 'irresponsible' cuts permanent: Paul Krugman

(Newser) - It’s time for President Obama to stand up against a GOP that wants to extend “obviously irresponsible” tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, writes Paul Krugman in the New York Times . Keep in mind the big picture: Republicans want to make these cuts permanent, and if they agree... More »

Disney-Marvel Deal Could Signal M&A Recovery

Monday deals push August volume up 40%

(Newser) - Two major deals finished on the last day of August—projected to be the worst month for deal making since 1995—have raised expectations that the mergers and acquisitions market is finally coming out of hibernation, the Wall Street Journal reports. Monday saw Disney buy Marvel for $4 billion and... More »

Gadhafi Son to Bomber: We Cut Deal With UK for You

Business sec. eyed over ties to younger Gadhafi

(Newser) - Even as Scotland insists its decision to release the Lockerbie bomber was a compassionate one, a conversation between Moammar Gadhafi’s son and the bomber suggests some backroom wheeling and dealing, the Sunday Telegraph reports. A transcript has Saif Gadhafi telling the bomber, “You were on the table in... More »

Posh Resort Offers $19 Empty Room —With Tent

(Newser) - A chic San Diego hotel is offering rooms for only $19 a night—without toiletries, towels, sheets, or a bed, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports. “It's our way of getting people here that might not normally come," says Rancho Bernardo Inn manager John Gates. Taken over by... More »

Posh Eateries Uncork Deals in Downturn

(Newser) - High-end eateries are rolling out three-course deals and wine specials to lure America's hungry in hard times, CNN reports. "A year ago, to be honest, I didn't have to hit that three-course menu at $35 a head," said a Manhattan restaurateur whose business is down 20%. "... More »

US Will Be Out of Iraq by 2011, PM Says

Maliki firm on 'fixed date,' though US says deal isn't finalized

(Newser) - The US has agreed to a timeline that forces all foreign troops out of Iraq by 2011 as part of a proposed pact, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said today. "There is an agreement actually reached, reached between the two parties on a fixed date, which is the end... More »

Iraq Security Deal Has US Troops Out of Cities By July

Legal immunity remains sticking point in pact yet to be approved by either side

(Newser) - Negotiators for the US and Iraq have completed a draft security agreement that plans to have US forces out of Iraqi cities by June 30, and out of the country completely by the end of 2011, the AP reports. Negotiators also reached accord on the contentious issue of legal immunity... More »

How to Spot Overpriced Wines

Experts explain pricing and weigh in with ways to save

(Newser) - Why does a bottle of wine cost $100 at one restaurant and three times that at the bistro down the block? The Wall Street Journal asked wine experts to decipher vino pricing and offer tips for finding the best deals. The results: Expensive wines often mean better value, as do... More »

Air Bargains Still There, But More Hunting Needed

Flexibility in schedule, destination seen as key to finding cheap travel

(Newser) - It’s no secret that airline ticket costs are up—18% on average from last year. But, the Los Angeles Times reports, deals are still there, if you’re wiling to hunt for them. Limited-time online bargains can provide cheap fares, and many travelers are searching smaller airlines’ websites for... More »

Was There a Deal with Iran?

Iranian prisoner in Iraq was freed before British sailors were

(Newser) - Officials deny that concessions were made to Iran for the release of the captured British sailors, but the Times speculates that there may have been a secret deal. An Iranian diplomat held in Iraq for eight weeks was freed the day before the British prisoners were. Also, American officials said... More »

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