wrong foreclosures

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Foreclosure Victims Get New Round of Botched Checks

Last month 's checks bounced, so maybe this is progress

(Newser) - The very same institutions that apparently couldn't foreclose on homes properly are having a run of it: Following regulators' $3.6 million settlement with 13 banks, the Federal Reserve told Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to send affected borrowers $247 million, doled out in amounts between $300 and $125,... More »

Foreclosure Error Ruins Couple's Retirement Home

Subcontractors took valuables, destroyed house

(Newser) - It was just a small desert home near Twentynine Palms, California, but it was all paid for, and Alvin and Pat Tjosaas intended on spending their retirement there. Too bad Wells Fargo decided to foreclose on it anyway. The bank sent subcontractors to the wrong address, and despite a different... More »

2 Stories