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Anti-Muslims Idolize Innocence Filmmaker

One calls Nakoula Basseley Nakoula 'a political prisoner'

(Newser) - To America's anti-Muslim bloggers, the director of Innocence of Muslims is more of a cult hero than a criminal, Wired reports. Nakoula Basseley Nakoula "is a political prisoner," writes one , who argues that recent Arab protests are designed "to intimidate the US into criminalizing criticism of... More »

German Anti-Islam Group Plans to Screen Movie

Government wrestles with free speech vs. public safety

(Newser) - An anti-Muslim organization in Germany plans a public screening of the controversial movie the Innocence of Muslims, reports the Christian Science Monitor . Officials in Germany are weighing whether the screening should be banned for the sake of public safety, or whether forbidding it would violate free-speech rights. The small right-wing... More »

Mitt Rips 'Disgraceful' US Response to Protest

Early statement 'sympathetic' to attackers: Romney

(Newser) - Moving quickly to make a political point following yesterday's attacks on the US diplomatic missions in Egypt and Libya, Mitt Romney called an early US statement "disgraceful" for "sympathizing" with protesters. A statement released in Cairo shortly after angry demonstrators began to gather at the embassies referred... More »

3 Stories