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Cops: Ex-Teacher Posted Tape of Pre-K 'Fight Club'

Chavay Williams is accused of egging on preschoolers in her charge

(Newser) - What happens in pre-K fight club, stays in pre-K fight club—except if the (now former) teacher posts video of it online. Ohio police say 30-year-old Chavay Williams did just that with her young charges at Columbus' Playtime Preschool, where she's accused of allowing her students to fight and... More »

Don't Be So Quick to Call Montana Reporter a 'Wuss'

Felix Biederman pushes back against those mocking a roughed-up journalist

(Newser) - After Montana's Greg Gianforte roughed up a reporter , the general sentiment was that he was way out of bounds. But another view cropped up, most noticeably on conservative media sites, along these lines: "What kind of a wuss files charges over broken glasses?" asked one tweet , and "... More »

2 Kids Claim They're Launching 'Tinder for Fighting'

If the 'Fight Club'-style Rumblr isn't a hoax (and it probably is)

(Newser) - The Internet is already getting pummeled with Fight Club jokes with the announcement of what may be the strangest app to come along in some time: Rumblr, "an app for recreational fighters to find, meet, and fight other brawl enthusiasts nearby," per its website . The beta version of... More »

Dead Men Prove It: Our Fists Evolved for Better Punching

Scientists think our hands evolved so that we could punch without injuring ourselves

(Newser) - The delicate human hand with its 27 bones folds up into an effective blunt weapon—and that is probably not a coincidence, say researchers who studied the difference between blows from a clenched fist, an unclenched fist, and an open hand. University of Utah researcher David Carrier and his colleagues... More »

Guards Forced Inmates Into 'Gladiator' Fights: Lawyer

Public defender says San Francisco deputies placed bets, threatened prisoners

(Newser) - If they won, they would get hamburgers; if they lost, they would be beaten or experience other negative consequences. This was just one example of the conditions given to two inmates in forced fights that Public Defender Jeff Adachi says were arranged by guards in San Francisco's main county... More »

NFL Sends Angry Fans to Therapy

NFL requires 4-hour class for brawlers

(Newser) - Enjoy brawling in the stands at a football game? Get ready for therapy. The NFL has instituted a new rule that requires fans who are ejected from the bleachers for fighting to attend an online, four-hour psychological class before being permitted back to games, writes Sean Gregory in Time . And... More »

6 Stories