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Museum 'Must-See' Dedicated to Black History, Culture

'NYT' review of Smithsonian's long-awaited museum, set to open next Saturday

(Newser) - A week from Saturday, a 130-year-old bell from a church erected by slaves will ring to herald the grand opening of a 400,000-square-foot DC museum that's been talked about since 1915, NPR reports. The idea for that museum, the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and... More »

Eddie Long: Confused Hypocrite

Pastor should forgive himself—and homosexuals everywhere

(Newser) - There are a lot of ironies in Bishop Eddie Long’s sex scandal. For example, in his sermon Sunday, Long said he feels “like David against Goliath.” Really? On the one side we have one of the most powerful clerics in America, and on the other four allegedly... More »

Obama: 'No Excuses' for Black Kids in US

(Newser) - President Obama made his most direct appeal yet to black America with a rousing speech that sounded more like a sermon, the New York Times reports. Addressing the NAACP on its 100th anniversary, Obama said the "pain of discrimination" still exists in America, but he told black parents they... More »

Even as a Kid, Michael Changed the Game

Black community adopted him as pioneer

(Newser) - Michael Jackson took Hollywood with Ben in 1972, at a time when few black Americans had shaped the industry. “Little Michael landed upon the mindset of film-hungry black America when its citizenry was starved for identity on the big screen,” writes Wil Haygood in the Washington Post. The... More »

What Jackson Problem? Waning Clout Signals Shift

Obama, younger generation seem little concerned with fallout

(Newser) - Once, Democrats worried about “the Jesse Jackson problem,” the fear that rebuke from Jackson would cost them black voters. But now, some Democrats are saying that Jackson’s latest criticisms of Barack Obama may actually help the Illinois senator, the New York Times reports, both with white voters... More »

Jesse Jr. Scolds Dad for 'Ugly Rhetoric'

Jackson's son rejects his father's 'divisive' Obama comments

(Newser) - Jesse Jackson is taking heat for his admittedly "crude and hurtful" comments about Barack Obama, and his own son is leading the charge. "I'm deeply outraged and disappointed," said Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill. Jackson called his father's remarks—in which he said he wanted to cut... More »

NAACP Names Youngest President Ever

35-year-old Benjamin Jealous prevails in contentious vote

(Newser) - The NAACP selected its youngest president ever today, picking 35-year-old Benjamin Jealous after a contentious 8-hour meeting. Jealous promised to bring financial stability to the organization by tapping his ties with top foundations nationwide. He said he will also "pull people into this movement" by focusing more on technology,... More »

Obama Pastor Being 'Lynched,' Faithful Say

Clerics defend 'righteous rage' of inflammatory preacher

(Newser) - Black pastors and parishioners—including the 3,000 who packed Trinity Church in Chicago Sunday—are leaping to the defense of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who's drawn a firestorm of criticism for his incendiary rhetoric on racism, the Washington Post reports. A pamphlet circulating the pews decried Wright’s treatment in... More »

Hey, Hey, Hey! Cosby's a Rapper Now

His hip-hop record will criticize hip-hop culture, without the bad words

(Newser) - Bill Cosby, long a vocal critic of urban street culture and its gangsta rap, is holding his enemies close. His next record, State of Emergency, will be nothing but hip-hop, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer. The album will address sober issues faced by America's black youth, such as teen pregnancy and... More »

Denzel's Bad Boy Roles Are All Good

Turns as drug lord, dirty cop spark unfair slams, Post says

(Newser) - Denzel Washington has been playing bad boys lately, and it's a good thing for black America, Mark Anthony Neal argues in the Washington Post. Washington's turns as a drug lord and corrupt cop in recent flicks have sparked slams that he's catering to white America by playing crooks, but Neal... More »

Blair Blames Crime Wave on Black Culture

Stop 'pretending it's not young black kids doing it,' PM says

(Newser) - Black culture is responsible for a recent rash of teenage murders in Britain, Tony Blair said yesterday in a burst of un-PC criminology that outraged black leaders. The violence, which has killed seven teens in recent weeks, won't let up unless Britons stop “pretending it is not young black... More »

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