Michael Brutsch

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Internet's 'Biggest Troll' Fired After Gawker Exposé

Michael Brutsch, aka Reddit's Violentacrez, loses his job

(Newser) - Michael Brutsch, aka notoriously controversial Reddit user Violentacrez, was worried about his job when Gawker revealed his true identity last week —and for good reason, it turns out. "I got fired Saturday morning, by phone," Brutsch wrote on Reddit in a post noticed by Daily Dot . In... More »

Gawker Unmasks the Internet's 'Biggest Troll'

Adrian Chen reveals Michael Brutsch, the man behind Reddit's 'Violentacrez'

(Newser) - In an extensive Gawker exposé yesterday , Adrian Chen revealed the man behind Violentacrez, one of the creepiest yet simultaneously most beloved users and volunteer moderators on social news site Reddit. For years, Michael Brutsch has been posting offensive content including pictures of scantily-clad underage girls—but he always makes sure... More »

2 Stories