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Satanists Seek Monument at Oklahoma Statehouse

Ten Commandments project inspired them to apply

(Newser) - Republicans trying to bring church and state closer together in Oklahoma have opened the door to an unlikely group: Satanists. To recap, a Ten Commandments monument was installed at the Capitol Grounds last year with funding from the GOP-controlled legislature, despite outcry from legal experts who called it unconstitutional. The... More »

Anti-Gay Christian Pretends to Be Gay for a Year

Timothy Kurek eventually wrote a pro-gay book about it

(Newser) - For Timothy Kurek, gays were nothing more than "fags" destined to burn in hell. A conservative Christian living in Nashville, Kurek was surprised when a friend came out to him as a lesbian. He was also moved—and decided to spend a year living under cover as a gay... More »

2 Stories