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Escape Doomsday in Maine for $300K

Former Nike missile site is on the market

(Newser) - Don't mind relocating to Limestone, Maine, in order to live through a nuclear blast? Dave and Sue Prentiss have just the place for you. They're selling their 17-acre property—a former missile launch site from US Army program Project Nike—complete with three missile silos, two of which... More »

Israel Strikes Syria Base: US Official

Warplanes hit Russian missiles: reports

(Newser) - Israeli planes struck a Syrian military base housing missiles, a White House official tells CNN ; Israel was reportedly concerned the missiles—which the AP says were of Russian origin—could be passed to Hezbollah. Israel's government hasn't confirmed the attack, though regional reports pointed to a blast at... More »

North Korea Expanding Launch Site

Satellite images reveal upgrades to Musudan-ri

(Newser) - North Korea appears to be preparing to launch larger rockets, according to an analysis of satellite images conducted by the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University. The institute believes the country is upgrading its Musudan-ri launch site to handle rockets big enough for space launch vehicles or intercontinental missiles capable... More »

Israel Behind Blast at Tehran Missile Base: Official

Explosion kills Iran's missile chief; country calls it accident

(Newser) - An explosion at a missile base outside Tehran this weekend killed at least 17 people and decimated the structure. But while Iran says the blast was an accident, a Western intelligence official tells Time not to believe it: It was the work of Israel’s Mossad agency, the official says,... More »

Glitch Boots 50 Nukes Offline

Commanders unable to communicate with ninth of arsenal for nerve-wracking hour

(Newser) - A hardware glitch knocked 50 nuclear missiles—a ninth of America's land-based arsenal—offline for nearly an hour over the weekend. Commanders at an Air Force base in Wyoming found themselves unable to communicate with the missiles as engineers scrambled to find out what the problem was, the Atlantic reports.... More »

New North Korean Missile Launch Pad Discovered

ICBM facility is 1-2 years from completion

(Newser) - Pyongyang is building a new intercontinental ballistic missile launching facility, the AFP reports. Satellite imagery of the new site, on the west coast of North Korea, shows it to be larger and more sophisticated than the country’s current launch pad, security analysts say —though it won't be operational... More »

Lithuania's Negative Energy Bad for Europe

Foot-dragging on nuke plant could force ugly bargain with Russia

(Newser) - Lithuanians "should be furious" with politicians who have backed the Baltic nation into a "potentially appalling" crisis of energy and policy, the Economist notes. As condition for its admission to the European Union, Lithuania promised to shutter its Ignalina nuclear power plant by 2009—and pols have made... More »

Russia Sues Bank of New York for $22 Billion

Reopening old case another sign of new tensions

(Newser) - The Russian government hit the Bank of New York with as $22 Billion lawsuit in a Moscow court Wednesday—the latest in a wave of hostile moves some see as portending a new Cold War. With Russians irate over U.S. missile bases planned for Eastern Europe, East-West relations are... More »

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