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North Dakota Lets Police Drones Fire Rubber Bullets

One expert says it's 'one of the worst' ideas ever about drones

(Newser) - Watch the skies in North Dakota: The state has passed a first-of-its-kind law legalizing the use of armed police drones, though they must carry "less than lethal" weapons like tear gas, rubber bullets, beanbags, pepper spray, and Tasers, reports NPR . Interestingly, the law was first introduced as legislation prohibiting... More »

Private Drones Could Fly Over US by 2015: FAA

But agency roadmap doesn't set out privacy rules

(Newser) - The FAA has unveiled a roadmap for introducing private drones operated by companies, universities, and even individual hobbyists to US skies by 2015—but the road might be a bumpy one. The agency, behind schedule on a deadline set by Congress, says it is working on very complicated regulations that... More »

Idaho Restricts Use of Spy Drones by Police

Authorities will need a warrant first

(Newser) - Idaho has become the second state to restrict what one lawmaker calls "high-tech window peeping" by police or even nosy neighbors. The governor has signed a bill requiring police to get a warrant before using drones in most cases, reports Reuters . The new law also makes it illegal for... More »

Sheriff in Oakland Wants Surveillance Drone

Alameda County seeks it for rescues, SWAT operations, pot busts

(Newser) - It's beginning to look like surveillance drones are destined to become a routine part of police operations in the US. Alameda County—home to Oakland and Berkeley—is the latest to sign on, with Sheriff Greg Ahern planning to buy a small, unmanned drone to help with things like... More »

4 Stories