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Colonoscopies Often Miss Dangerous Lesions: Study

Flat irregularities more dangerous than polyps

(Newser) - Doctors searching for polyps during a colonoscopy need to focus more on flat or depressed lesions, the New York Times reports, which are more likely to grow into cancer—and more common in the US than previously thought, a study finds. Polyps, which protrude from intestinal lining, are easier to... More »

President's Colon Polyps Benign: Docs

Next cancer screening moved up, scheduled for 3 years from now

(Newser) - The five polyps removed from President Bush during his Saturday colonoscopy were benign, the AP reports. Tony Snow said today that Bush's doctors had not expected to find any malignant growths, and he will undergo a colonoscopy again in 2010 rather than waiting the usual 5 years because of his... More »

2 Stories