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Obama 15th-Best President, Scholars Say

George W. Bush, meanwhile, finishes not quite last

(Newser) - Two years in, Barack Obama looks like a pretty good president to the nation’s top presidential scholars. The 44th president came in 15th on the all-time list, two spots behind Bill Clinton and three ahead of Ronald Reagan, in a Siena College Research Institute Poll, the New York Daily ... More »

Death Penalty for Virginity- Faking Kit: Egypt Scholar

Said to spread vice, violate Islamic law

(Newser) - An Egyptian scholar wants the death penalty for anyone importing a device that helps women fake virginity—claiming it violates Islamic law by spreading perversion in society. The gadget releases a liquid that looks like blood, allowing a new bride to make it appear her hymen has been ruptured. The... More »

Cop Who Arrested Gates Teaches Racial-Profiling Class

Sgt. James Crowley's class instructs recruits not to 'single people out because of ethnic background'

(Newser) - The white police sergeant criticized by President Barack Obama for arresting black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. at his Massachusetts home is a police-academy expert on racial profiling. Cambridge Sgt. James Crowley has taught a class on racial profiling for 5 years at the Lowell Police Academy after being hand-picked... More »

Harvard Scholar Arrested at Mass. Home

'This is what happens to black men in America': Gates to cop

(Newser) - A prominent Harvard scholar was arrested last week outside his Cambridge, Mass., home and charged with disorderly conduct after “exhibiting loud and tumultuous behavior,” the Harvard Crimson reports. Henry Louis Gates, a renowned professor of African-American studies, was trying to get into the locked house when a neighbor... More »

US Axes Fulbrights for 8 Palestinians

Israel won't let the students leave Gaza to study abroad

(Newser) - Eight Palestinians have had their Fulbright scholarships taken away because Israel won't grant them visas to leave the Gaza Strip, reports the New York Times. Israel has isolated Gaza since Hamas took control of the territory last year. The State Department has allocated the prestigious scholarships to students the West... More »

Police Piece Together Shooter's Trail

Kazmierczak spent two days in motel room before shooting

(Newser) - Before his shooting rampage at NIU, Steven Kazmierczak spent two days in a motel, taking cold medicine and drinking Red Bull, the Chicago Tribune reports. He left behind no note, only a sealed duffel bag filled with gun ammo. Kazmierczak, who had stopped taking medication for anxiety, also sent his... More »

Freed Scholar Recounts Iran Prison Ordeal

Esfandiari recalls determination not to 'succumb to despair'

(Newser) - It took a daily routine for Haleh Esfandiari to stay level-headed during her 105-day stint in Iran's notorious Evin prison. The Iranian-American scholar paced her room for 3 to 4 hours a day, read, and wrote a book in her head to ward off depression. She was treated respectfully, but... More »

American Scholar to See Release From Iranian Prison

Held on charges of plotting revolution

(Newser) - One of two Iranian-American scholars jailed in Iran on charges of conspiring with the US government to foment revolution will be freed from prison today if bail is posted. Held in Teheran’s infamous Evin prison since May, Haleh Esfandiari will be released on a $333,000 bail, the AP... More »

Iran Charges American Scholar

Imprisoned academic accused of working against government

(Newser) - The Iranian government has charged an Iranian-American scholar already in custody in Tehran with working for "the soft-toppling of the country." Haleh Esfandiari, 67, was arrested May 8 after being under house arrest since January. The accusations come just days before American and Iranian diplomats are to meet... More »

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