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As UN Envoy Quits, France Says Assad Using Chemicals

Regime has continued using chemical weapons: French diplomat

(Newser) - First it was Kofi Annan; now his successor, Lakhdar Brahimi, is also stepping down as the UN and Arab League's special envoy to Syria. "He has faced almost impossible odds, with a Syrian nation, Middle Eastern region, and wider international community that have been hopelessly divided in their... More »

Syrians Ignore Assad's 'Peace Plan' Speech

And it could turn off UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi

(Newser) - Syria's civil war raged on today, without the slightest pause of acknowledgement for yesterday's rare Bashar al-Assad speech . It was billed as the unveiling of a "peace plan," but Assad offered essentially no concessions and spent much of the speech justifying his bloody crackdown. And there... More »

Assad Outlines Peace Deal, Blasts 'Terrorists'

Rebels blast speech as intended to derail diplomatic solution

(Newser) - Bashar al-Assad today took to Syria's airwaves to outline a new peace initiative that wasn't terribly likely to result in peace of any kind. Staunchly refusing to step down, Assad said he's now ready to negotiate with those "who have not betrayed Syria," dismissing rebels... More »

UN Envoy: Syria Faces 'Hell' Without Deal

Lakhdar Brahimi warns of dire consequences if solution isn't reached soon

(Newser) - UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi is warning that a political solution must be reached in the Syrian crisis, lest the nation ravaged by a 21-month-old civil war tumble "into more and more chaos and perhaps a failed state." Speaking in Moscow where he's negotiating, Brahimi said the world... More »

UN Envoy Worried After Talks With Assad

Brahimi doesn't appear to be making progress

(Newser) - The international envoy tasked with pushing to end Syria's civil war emerged from talks with Bashar al-Assad today saying that the situation was "worrying," and giving no indication of progress toward a negotiated solution to the conflict. "We hope that all the parties will go toward... More »

Rebels Warn: Damascus Airport a 'Legit Target'

Russia poised to 'brainstorm' with US, envoy

(Newser) - Syrian rebels have issued a warning to civilians and airlines: Damascus International Airport is now a "military zone" to be approached at locals' "own risk." "The airport is now full of armored vehicles and soldiers," says a spokesman for rebels, who call the spot a... More »

UN 'Deeply Disappointed' By Failed Syria Ceasefire

But attacks wear on

(Newser) - United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says he's "deeply disappointed" in the failed Syria ceasefire, which has seen bombings despite plans to halt attacks over a four-day holiday. "This crisis cannot be solved with more weapons and bloodshed," Ban said, according to Reuters . Special envoy Lakhdar Brahimi,... More »

UN: Syria, Rebels Agree to 4-Day Eid Truce

There will be a truce for the upcoming Muslim holiday

(Newser) - Bashar al-Assad's regime and Syrian rebels have agreed to a temporary truce that coincides with the four-day Eid al-Adha holiday, a UN mediator tells Reuters . Lakhdar Brahimi said that various rebel groups had agreed to the ceasefire "in principle," but CNN notes that Assad's side says... More »

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