Hassan Kazemi Qomi

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Iranian Official Hits US for Scapegoating

Ambassador to Iraq says US is trying 'to cover up failed plans'

(Newser) - The US is hyping an Iranian threat to Iraq to deflect attention away from its mistakes, Iran’s ambassador to Iraq told CNN, again denying allegations Tehran is attacking American troops trying to stabilize the country. “US security plans for Iraq have not succeeded,” Hassan Kazemi-Qomi said. The... More »

US-Iran Talks First Since 1979

On the table: Iraqi security. Off the table: Iranian nuclear buildup, detainees.

(Newser) - Ambassadors for the US and Iran met for four hours today in Baghdad, in the first bilateral talks between the countries in decades. The US's Ryan Crocker was expected to press claims that Iran is providing training and weapons to Iraqi insurgents, and his counterpart Hassan Kazemi Qomi to raise... More »

2 Stories