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Netanyahu to Push Israel-Palestinean Peace

But incoming PM ducks question of statehood

(Newser) - Benjamin Netanyahu, the next prime minister of Israel, said in a speech today that his incoming government would be a "partner for peace" with the Palestinian people, but he made no mention of the two-state solution backed by the United States. As Reuters reports, Netanyahu focused on the territories'... More »

Israel's Labor Will Join Netanyahu

But some party members may split off to join opposition

(Newser) - Israel's Labor Party voted today to join the incoming government of Benjamin Netanyahu, giving a centrist tone to the coalition that has looked hard-line up to now. The vote—680 in favor and 507 against—came after heated debate. "I won't be anyone's fig leaf or anyone's third wheel,... More »

Labor Party Set to Join Far-Right Israeli Gov't

Barak signs deal with Netanyahu, but party members may rebel

(Newser) - Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister-designate, has reached a deal with Ehud Barak that would see Barak's center-left Labor Party join an otherwise hard-right coalition, reports Haaretz. Barak, a former PM, is expected to retain his current post of defense minister in the new government. But Labor is divided over... More »

Leftist Party Could Join Israel Government

Netanyahu gets more time as Labor debates joining coalition

(Newser) - Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister-designate of Israel, has been given an extra two weeks to form a government after a breakthrough in talks with Ehud Barak, the leader of the Labor Party and the country's outgoing defense minister. While Netanyahu has been ready to complete his right-wing cabinet this week,... More »

Israel Turns Right—and Away From America

Two weeks before election, Netanyahu poised for victory

(Newser) - Polls indicate the next prime minister of Israel will be Benjamin Netanyahu, an election result that will push the country even further to the right and away from a two-state solution. The Likud leader presents a paradox, Damien McElroy writes in the Telegraph: although Netanyahu is the most "American-style"... More »

Olmert Pact Saves Israeli Parliament

Deal means PM will face leadership challenge this fall

(Newser) - Ehud Olmert narrowly averted the collapse of the Israeli government today by pledging that his party would hold a leadership election by late September, Haaretz reports. In exchange, Labor Party withdrew its support for a motion of non-confidence. Olmert is facing investigation in connection with $150,000 he took from... More »

Impending War Report Could Topple Olmert

Israeli PM steels for harsh criticism of his 2006 conduct in Lebanon

(Newser) - Ehud Olmert is bracing for a vital challenge to his career as prime minister of Israel, when a report damning his conduct in the 2006 Lebanon war is released later today. The report could topple Olmert's precarious coalition government, the Times of London reports. An interim version of the report... More »

Israel's Parliament Elects Peres President

83-year-old former PM vows to unite country

(Newser) - The Knesset voted in Vice Premier Shimon Peres as president of Israel today, after his two rivals for the office dropped out. Peres, a former PM and Nobel laureate, says his job is to unite Israeli society and "expel despair from our midst." He follows Moshe Katsav, who... More »

Israeli Labor Party Picks Barak to Lead

Former PM will join cabinet, sets sight on top job again

(Newser) - Ehud Barak won a runoff election yesterday making him head of Israel's Labor Party once again. Barak, who edged out former Shin Bet boss Ari Ayalon, will join PM Ehud Olmert's coalition cabinet, probably as defense minister. But the Guardian reports that the serial party chief is widely expected to... More »

Israel Votes Out Labor Leader

Peretz loses to Olmert critics; party threatens to quit government

(Newser) - Ehud Olmert was the biggest loser as the Israeli Labor party yesterday ousted its current leader, Defense Minister Amir Peretz, in favor of  two stauncher critics of Israel's uneasy coalition government. The vote yielded a runoff between former PM Ehud Barak and former Shin Bet chief Ami Ayalon, both of... More »

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