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25 Celebrity Babies We'll Welcome This Year

We bet you can hardly contain yourself

(Newser) - Can't stop thinking about Baby Kimye ? What will Kim Kardashian and Kanye West name their little one? Will it be a boy or a girl? And more importantly, will it have its own reality show? Well, that's far from the only celebrity baby to look forward to... More »

12 Co-Stars Who Also Co-Starred in Each Others' Weddings

In the end, 'Jack' walked 'Rose' down the aisle

(Newser) - Admit it: You let out a big "awww" when you heard that Leonardo DiCaprio (aka Jack from Titanic) walked Kate Winslet (aka Rose from aforementioned Titanic) down the aisle at her third wedding . The Huffington Post rounds up 11 more celebrity co-stars who participated in each others' weddings:
  • Victor
... More »

Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard Expecting

And Beverley Mitchell also has first baby on the way

(Newser) - Adorable, sloth-loving celebrity couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard will soon be adorable, sloth-loving celebrity parents, their rep tells People . Bell and Shepard—who have been engaged for almost three years—said this summer that babies would probably come before marriage, since they want to wait until gay marriage is... More »

3 Stories