Occupy Sandy

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Another Loser in Sandy's Wake: the Red Cross

Its slow reaction has left some victims fuming

(Newser) - Despite massive fundraising efforts , the Red Cross' response to Hurricane Sandy has left many victims unsatisfied, reports Reuters in a lengthy look at the group's efforts. It finds several factors fueling the disappointment:
  • In advance of the storm, the Red Cross set up five staging areas in places it
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Occupy Sandy: Movement Finds New Cause in Storm Relief

Young volunteers fan out in New York City after superstorm

(Newser) - You might be surprised at what has become a lauded and effective relief organization for victims of Superstorm Sandy: Occupy Wall Street. The social media savvy that helped Occupy protesters create a grass-roots global movement last year—one that ultimately collapsed under its leaderless format—is proving to be a... More »

2 Stories