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12 Stars Who’ve Insured Body Parts

Heidi Klum's legs: $2.2M

(Newser) - When you're a celebrity, certain body parts may be a bit more valuable to you than they are to a normal person. So why not insure them? The Frisky rounds up a dozen stars who have done just that:
  • Troy Polamalu: The NFL star's famous hair landed him
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NFL Fines Player $10K for Calling Wife Mid-Game

Troy Polamalu wanted to let her know he was OK

(Newser) - The NFL isn't making exceptions about its policy that players stay unplugged during games: It fined Troy Polamalu of the Steelers $10,000 for making a call from the bench during last Sunday's game, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette . Polamalu, though, wasn't showboating or looking for some digital... More »

Top Summer Jobs for Locked Out NFL Stars

From comedy to coffee, here's how players are getting by

(Newser) - With the NFL lockout dragging on, a lot of players might just be looking for work. Thankfully, Bleacher Report is here to help. Here are some gigs that top players are trying out:
  • Comedian—You don’t need to do years of standup to get a comedy gig; you just
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Polamalu's Hair Insured for $1M

Shampoo co. wants to keep Steelers' mane safe

(Newser) - Troy Polamalu’s hair is three feet long and, apparently, worth $1 million. That’s how much Head and Shoulders, the shampoo company Polamalu endorses, insured his mane for with Lloyd’s of London. The Pittsburgh Steelers safety, who has been tackled by his hair at least once (video at... More »

Defending-Champ Steelers Work OT to Beat Titans

(Newser) - The Pittsburgh Steelers got a 33-yard field goal from Jeff Reed 4½ minutes into overtime tonight to beat the visiting Tennessee Titans, 13-10, in the first game of the NFL season. It was an uneven performance for the defending champions, the Post-Gazette reports; Pittsburgh also lost Pro Bowl safety Troy... More »

The Game Is in Warner's Hands

And 10 other things Peter King thinks about the Super Bowl

(Newser) - Kurt Warner has a clock in his head, and he'll need to pay attention to its ticking in order to best the Pittsburgh defense, writes Peter King in Sports Illustrated. King feels that the Cardinals' chances are all in Warner's hands and head: If he can avoid turnovers, he could... More »

Players Tackle 'Excessive' NFL Fines

Pros complain that crackdown on illegal hits is about money, not safety

(Newser) - The NFL players union is taking action on member complaints that the league has gone fine-happy this season, reports the Washington Post. Players charge that fines for illegal hits have become excessive. The union director is seeking a new system that would allow disgruntled players to appeal penalty decisions to... More »

Polamalu Now Best-Paid Steeler

Versatile, soft-spoken safety inks five-year, $33M contract

(Newser) - Troy Polamalu became the highest-paid Steeler and the top-earning safety in the league yesterday, signing a five-year extension on the first day of Steelers training camp. The mild-mannered Samoan-American's ability to line up at multiple positions, knack for reading defenses, and wacky free-wheeling mentality have made him the lynchpin of... More »

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