Amarillo, Texas

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Texas Pastor's Mission: Ruin Santa for Kids

After a minute preaching, several parents say enough and ask him to leave

(Newser) - A pastor in Texas angry at parents for "bearing false witness" when they lie to their children about Santa Claus decided to unleash his views on kids, too. In a 3-minute video that has gone viral, Amarillo pastor David Grisham, who leads religious fundamentalist group "Repent Amarillo,"... More »

Gunman Shot, Killed by SWAT at Texas Walmart

People who were held hostage are safe, Amarillo PD tweets

(Newser) - A hostage situation at a Texas Walmart is apparently over, with the Amarillo Police Department reporting that the suspect has been shot by SWAT officers and is apparently dead . Police surrounded the Amarillo store this morning after reports of a shooting, the AP reports, and a statement released just after... More »

Woman Eats 13 Pounds of Steak, Sets Record

Molly Schuyler wins Big Texan Steak Ranch contest again

(Newser) - How long would it take you to wolf down three 72-ounce steaks, each with a shrimp cocktail, roll, side salad, and baked potato? If you said more than 20 minutes, you'd lose a face-stuffing contest in Amarillo, Texas—to a 124-pound woman, CNN reports. Yep, Molly Schuyler, 35-year-old mother... More »

Quirky Texas Millionaire a 'Serial Abuser' of Boys: Suit

Owner of famed 'Cadillac Ranch' has faced similar accusations before

(Newser) - Stanley Marsh 3, of Amarillo, Texas, is known for his eccentricities: putting up street signs bearing phrases like "Road Does Not End," opting to have a "3" in his name rather than the Roman numeral, and creating an art installation of 10 colorful Cadillacs buried nose-first in... More »

4 Stories