Chevrolet Spark

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Domino's Adds Pizza Oven to Delivery Car

That seems safe-ish

(Newser) - If James Bond's hours got cut and he had to take a second job delivering pizzas, this is the car Q would undoubtedly work up for him. Domino's latest extreme advertising campaign is a specially designed Chevrolet Spark with room for up to 80 pizzas and sides, as... More »

Apple, GM Bringing Siri to Cars

Upcoming models to connect to iPhone via Bluetooth

(Newser) - Soon, your car may be able to fumblingly attempt to respond to your requests in a snarky robotic voice, too. GM announced today that it will be integrating Siri into three of its new models—the Chevy Spark, the Sonic LTZ, and the RS. The cars will be able to... More »

2 Stories