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5 Shutdown Exit Strategies

GOP moderates having trouble coming to the rescue

(Newser) - There's still no end in sight for the government shutdown. But if an end were in sight, what might it look like? CBS breaks down the possibilities:
  • Moderate Republicans to the Rescue? Rep. Peter King has been leading meetings of his moderate colleagues. King has been an outspoken critic
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Obama to GOP: Let's Cut Corporate Taxes

... but only if you agree to job creation measures

(Newser) - President Obama has a new "grand bargain" for Republicans, though it's a little less grand this time around. In a speech today, Obama will offer to overhaul the corporate tax code, reducing the rate and reaping a onetime windfall in the process, the Wall Street Journal reports. In... More »

Obama's Secret Weapon: This Guy?!

John McCain burying the hatchet with the president

(Newser) - Someone send the devil a sweater, because suddenly, John McCain and President Obama are getting along. Last week, McCain sat down with his 2008 rival for a private Oval Office strategy session, the latest in a string of such discussions. "Ever since the election, we've had conversations and... More »

Obama Seeking Grand Bargain by End of July

Come August, politics could make any deal impossible

(Newser) - The great quest for a grand bargain is on, and President Obama hopes to have a deficit-reduction deal by the end of July, reports the Hill . That's the word leaking out from Republican senators who attended a Wednesday night dinner with the president and are calling the meeting friendly... More »

Cliff Deal Proves the Era of Grand Bargains Is Over

The 'Big Deal' is dead: Jennifer Steinhauer

(Newser) - If the fiscal cliff deal passed by the Senate this morning makes one thing clear, it's this: "The era of the Big Deal is over," writes Jennifer Steinhauer in the New York Times . President Obama and John Boehner met numerous times, and so did other bipartisan groups,... More »

Obama, Boehner Hold White House Face-to-Face

'We're not reading out details of the conversation'

(Newser) - Barack Obama and John Boehner rolled up their sleeves and personally dove into fiscal cliff talks today, meeting face-to-face at the White House for the first time in 23 days, Politico reports. Both sides issued identical statements on the meeting, saying, "We're not reading out details of the... More »

Grand Bargain Is Impossible, Dangerous

Matthew Yglesias on the inanity of the fiscal cliff talks

(Newser) - Back during the Bush years, the faction in Congress advocating a "grand bargain" on America's long-term budget deficit was "an amusing curiosity," writes Matthew Yglesias over at Slate . But with the fiscal cliff looming, "they've become actively dangerous." The only way to avoid... More »

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