metabolic syndrome

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Rare Disorder Requires Toddler to Eat Every Hour

Owen Torti was diagnosed with metabolic disorder LCHAD as a newborn

(Newser) - To all the new parents struggling to feed their newborn every two to three hours, imagine having to do it every hour—for years. Such is reality for the Torti family in Tennessee, whose son, Owen, now 23 months, was diagnosed with the rare metabolic disorder LCHAD (long-chain 3-hydroxyacyl-coenzyme A... More »

Another Study Raves About Daily Dark Chocolate

This time, it's for heart disease

(Newser) - Regular exercise might be bad for you , regular chocolate consumption might be good? So says a new study, so long as it's dark chocolate. (It's just one more study on the theme .) For people with hypertension and metabolic syndrome, eating about 3.5 ounces of dark chocolate... More »

Soda—Even Diet—Is Linked to Heart Risk

More than one a day increases metabolic syndrome

(Newser) - People who drink more than one soda a day—even diet soda—face an increased risk of heart trouble, a new study has found. Consumption of  soda was linked to metabolic syndrome, a group of symptoms that  are risk factors for heart disease, in a new analysis of the 6,... More »

3 Stories