Love, Actually

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Love Actually Sequel 'Destroys' the Movie

'Red Nose Day Actually' did not get great reviews

(Newser) - Love Actually fans went nuts when it was announced that a 12-minute sequel would air during the UK's Red Nose Day as part of its Comic Relief special last Friday. The spot doesn't officially air in the US until May, but this being 2017 and all, video snippets... More »

We'll Soon Know How Love Actually Characters Are Doing, 14 Years Later

'Sequel' is planned for Red Nose Day

(Newser) - Whatever happened to the characters from Love Actually? Viewers will find out thanks to Richard Curtis, the writer-director of the beloved 2003 feature, who has created a short reunion film to air as part of Comic Relief's Red Nose Day Special on NBC in May, the AP reports. Cast... More »

Love, Actually Is Sexist Junk, Actually

Hugh Grant flick is ubiquitous but offensive: Mary Elizabeth Williams

(Newser) - Been channel-surfing this holiday season? Then you've had the chance to watch Love, Actually, a Hugh Grant favorite that's stuffed with romantic plot lines and a rosy view of London life. But Mary Elizabeth Williams is making a plea at Salon : Don't watch it. It's a... More »

3 Stories