113th Congress

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Poll: This Congress Is Worst Ever

Two-thirds in CNN poll say this one ranks dead last

(Newser) - Congress is wrapping up a spectacularly unproductive year , as the Huffington Post notes, so why not end the year with a spectacularly dismal public-opinion poll: Enter CNN with a survey that finds two-thirds of Americans think this is the worst Congress in their lifetime. Republican or Democrat, old or young,... More »

Do-Nothing Congress Has Lots to Do This Month

Senate, House will only be in town together for a few days

(Newser) - Here's a list of things Congress must get done in December or else: Confirm Janet Yellen's Fed nomination; pass a new farm bill; fund the Pentagon; renew a ban on hard-to-detect plastic guns; and extend some unemployment benefits, help for workers displaced by global trade, and a set... More »

Goodbye, 112th Congress, We Hardly Liked Ye

Pundits remind us just how do-nothing this Congress has been

(Newser) - Today sees the end of the 112th Congress and the start of the 113th , and that has a few pundits shedding a tear—from laughing so hard at how futile and ridiculous this last wave of Congress has been. Among the adieus to the 112th:
  • Gail Collins, the New York
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3 Stories