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Behind Grandma's Criminal Charges: 25-Year-Old Hot Chocolate

Woman reportedly served family drink that expired in 1990

(Newser) - What should have been a sweet treat has reportedly resulted in charges for a 77-year-old grandmother in Italy. Three kids and at least two adults—one of whom was the woman herself—got sick after they drank the stuff, which came from a bag that expired 25 years ago, UPI... More »

New Alzheimer's Treatment: Hot Cocoa?

Study indicates that it can improve patients with impaired neurological coupling

(Newser) - Here's some medicine that will go down easy: A new study suggests that drinking hot cocoa can help seniors sharpen their memories, at least if their brains already suffer some impairment. Researchers had a group of 60 seniors drink two cups of hot cocoa a day, with half getting... More »

Hot Chocolate Actually Tastes Better in This Mug

...because it's orange

(Newser) - Should you decide to treat yourself to a steamy cup of Starbucks hot chocolate this winter, here's a tip: You'll enjoy it more if you take it home and pour it into an orange mug. Cream-colored will do, too. That's the conclusion of researchers, who decided to... More »

3 Stories