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Stewart to Krugman: $1T Coin Makes Me Look Bad?

Host hits back at ticked-off economist

(Newser) - Jon Stewart last week swiped at Paul Krugman's $1 trillion coin idea , eliciting a somewhat thin-skinned response from the economist, who told ABC News that "Obviously neither he nor his staff did even five minutes of looking at the financial blogs" and blasted Stewart for "ruining his... More »

Hurry, Mint That Platinum Coin

Paul Krugman: It's kind of a joke, but so is the current predicament

(Newser) - Despite facing plenty of blowback from wags, wonks, and politicos over the past week—such as Ezra Klein in the Washington Post —Paul Krugman is continuing his push for the $1 trillion platinum coin option to bypass the looming debt ceiling debate. ( Here's a summary of how... More »

2 Stories