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Denmark Passes 'Burka Ban'

Critics say the new law will force Muslim women indoors

(Newser) - Denmark’s center-right governing coalition has passed a law banning full-face veils in public places, starting Aug. 1, reports NPR . The ban makes it illegal for Muslim women to wear a burka (a head-to-toe garment) or a niqab (a face covering) in public. Justice Minister Soren Pape Poulsen has said... More »

Quebec Passes North America's 1st 'Burka Ban'

'It will just block me from the rest of the world,' says 21-year-old niqab-wearer

(Newser) - North America appears to have its first "burka ban," the Guardian reports. Quebec's National Assembly passed Bill 62 on Wednesday, and while the law banning facial coverings doesn't specifically mention burqas or niqabs, those have certainly been the main point of debate, according to Reuters . CBC... More »

Austria Cracks Down on Full-Face Veils

Refugees, some immigrants may also be made to sign 'integration contracts'

(Newser) - Face-covering veils are set to be banned in public places in Austria, per the country's ruling coalition, with a more widespread ban of all headscarves and religious symbols worn by state employees possible down the road, the BBC reports. The ban on niqabs (veils that cover all of the... More »

Woman Loses Her Mind After Seeing Woman Wearing Veil

Australian screams that the Muslim student should take her niqab off

(Newser) - "It's illegal," a woman can be heard yelling in a video. "I see her looking so scary" and "I don't know what she carry." The only thing unlawful was the woman's own behavior. The Sydney Morning Herald reports an unnamed 35-year-old was... More »

Store Bars Muslim Woman Over Religious Veil

Sarah Safi just wanted to buy some charcoal

(Newser) - An Indiana woman who just wanted to buy charcoal for a family barbecue was kicked out of a Family Dollar in Indiana for wearing a traditional Islamic niqab, NBC Chicago reports. Soon after Sarah Safi entered the store Monday in Gary, an employee identifying herself as the manager told her... More »

Egypt Teacher Cut Hair of Girls Without Headscarves

Science teacher fired after dad complains

(Newser) - An Egyptian science teacher has been fired after she cut the hair of two 12-year-old girls in her classroom for not wearing Islamic headscarves. The father of one of the girls filed a complaint with a local prosecutor earlier this month, and a women's group argued that it was... More »

Australia May Make Muslim Women Lift Veils

Law would require they do so if police ask them to

(Newser) - Muslim women would have to remove veils and show their faces to police on request or risk a prison sentence under proposed new laws in Australia's most populous state, New South Wales. Under the law, a woman who defies police by refusing to remove her face veil could be... More »

2 Arrested Under France's Burka Ban

Meanwhile, some women stay home

(Newser) - Hours after France enacted its new burka ban today, two women wearing the full face veils were arrested. Several others who were protesting the new law in front of Paris's Notre Dame cathedral were also arrested after police attempted to break up the unauthorized protest, the Telegraph reports. Women face... More »

Al-Qaeda Mag Issues Niqab Beauty Tips

Cover model accessorizes with a machine gun

(Newser) - Those al-Qaedians: Always thinking of the little lady. Now a new 33-page magazine just for women issued by al-Qaeda has some fashion tips for wearing the head-to-toe niqab. A machine gun is apparently a key accessory, highlighted on the cover of the glossy Al-Shamikha ("Majestic Woman"). And don't... More »

France Launching Veil Ban

Women who refuse to remove face coverings will be fined

(Newser) - France's veil ban is taking effect next month, making it illegal for women to wear the full-face Islamic veil in any public area, including the street. Offenders can be ordered to the nearest police station to remove the veil or pay a $200 fine. Veil-wearers can also be ordered to... More »

'Princess Hijab' Graffitis Paris Metro

Arresting manipulation ignites debate

(Newser) - While France was debating its burka ban, graffiti artist "Princess Hijab" continued her jolting work covering up women—and men—in Paris metro ads with painted veils. The mysterious artist covers faces and sometimes entire bodies in black. She has dodged easy classification in decidedly elusive interviews, and it's... More »

'Give Me the Freedom to Cover My Face'

'Bans as oppressive as Islam demands'

(Newser) - A suffocating Islamic abaya at first triggered tears of "rage and shame" from Londoner Nesrine Malik, humiliated by the oppressively "cumbersome" and "sexist" garb she was ordered by her parents to wear in Saudi Arabia. But the face-covering clothing has since become a "comfort and delight,... More »

French Tycoon Vows $1M to Pay Burka Fines

Goal is to render the new law useless

(Newser) - A French tycoon enraged by his country's 'Burka ban ' plans to set up a $1 million fund to help Muslim women fined for wearing the burka or niqab on the street. Rachid Nekkaz, a real estate magnate of Algerian origin, considers the ban "anti-constitutional" and has personally pledged... More »

Muslim Woman Fined $650 for Wearing Veil

Penalty believed first in Italy

(Newser) - A Tunisian immigrant has become the first woman in Italy fined for wearing a veil. The 26-year-old woman was stopped by police at a post office in the city of Norova—a stronghold of the anti-immigration Northern League party—and told she was in violation of a local bylaw barring... More »

Belgium Votes Today to Ban Muslim Veils

French may soon have similar law

(Newser) - Belgium is expected today to become the first nation to ban face-covering Muslim veils in public. Supporters of the bill say they're motivated by concerns about security as well as taking action to protect women's rights. "We think all people in public must show their face," Belgium lawmaker... More »

Ambassador to Dubai Annuls Marriage to Bearded Wife

Diplomat says he was duped throughout courtship

(Newser) - An Arab country's ambassador to Dubai had his marriage annulled after discovering he'd accidentally married a bearded, cross-eyed woman. The ambassador says his bride-to-be's face had been covered by a niqab throughout their courtship and he only discovered the beard when he went to kiss her at their wedding. He... More »

France Blinks in Burka Ban

Panel urges full veils barred in public facilities

(Newser) - The French government appears to be backing down a tad in the great burka ban controversy. While President Nicolas Sarkozy has called for a total ban on full Muslim veils, which he considers a sign of "debasement," a French government committee is recommending that burkas or nijabs be... More »

Sarkozy Pushes for Burka Ban

But it's 'essential that no one felt stigmatized,' says French prez

(Newser) - Nicolas Sarkozy restated his support for a ban on the wearing of burkas in his country in a New Year's address today—while stressing that any decision should await the results of a parliamentary inquiry on the subject, which are expected later this month. While Sarkozy’s own party is... More »

Burka Is 'Not Welcome' in France: Sarkozy

Prez says religious covering a sign of female 'subservience'

(Newser) - Nicolas Sarkozy today spoke out strongly against Islamic coverings for women, like the burka, the BBC reports. In a rare speech to parliament, which is considering a ban, the French president said, “we cannot accept to have in our country women who are prisoners behind netting. … The burka... More »

France Considers Burka Ban

(Newser) - France’s parliament is making noises about banning head-to-toe Islamic women’s dress such as the burka and niqab, the Times of London reports. Opponents called the the dress “a moving prison” and a “tomb," and say it's cropping up more in big cities. If the burka... More »

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