Afghan Local Police

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Insiders Drug, Kill 17 Afghan Cops

Taliban takes credit for new insider attack

(Newser) - In the latest Afghan police insider attack, 17 officers were drugged at dinner and killed while they were passed out. Two policemen have reportedly been arrested in the Ghazni province attack; officials say they're Taliban members. After shooting the victims—seven of whom were still in training—the escaping... More »

Torture Reports Halt US-Afghan Detainee Transfer

Human rights abuses could stop funding for Afghan troops

(Newser) - Amid word of inhumane treatment, including torture, the US has halted the transfer of detainees to some Afghan prisons, the New York Times reports. And with Afghan leader Hamid Karzai seeking internal control of detention, the decision is likely to further strain the countries' relationship. The move also comes with... More »

2 Stories