Nehemiah Griego

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NM Shooter Told Church His Family Died in Car Crash

Locals struggle to understand Griego-family murders

(Newser) - Those who knew the Albuquerque family killed by their 15-year-old son are stumped as to why it happened. Nehemiah Griego seemed like a perfectly normal kid, say locals. "He did not fit the criteria of a kid who was crazy into guns and wanted to hurt people. That's... More »

Cops: NM Shooter Ambushed His Dad Last

Nehemiah Griego, 15, loved video games

(Newser) - Police near Albuquerque released new details about 15-year-old Nehemiah Griego, who is accused of shooting to death his parents and three siblings over the weekend:
  • Griego shot his mother while she slept about 1am Saturday, say police. Then he allegedly killed his 9-year-old brother, described as "awake and distraught"
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NM Teen Planned to Keep Shooting, Head to Walmart

But instead, a friend convinced him to meet at church

(Newser) - The New Mexico teenager accused of killing his parents and three siblings planned to keep killing until police shot him dead, authorities believe. Nehemiah Griego, 15, told police that he put several loaded weapons, including an AR-15 assault rife, into the family van with the intention of driving to the... More »

Cops: 5 NM Murder Victims Were Teen's Own Family

Boy, 15, charged with killing parents, 3 siblings

(Newser) - The two adults and three children allegedly shot dead by a 15-year-old boy in New Mexico were the teenager's own family, police say. The victims have been identified as respected local pastor, Greg Griego, his wife Sarah, and their children Zephania, 9; Jael, 5; and Angelina, 2, KOB reports.... More »

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