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There Are Only 10 Asteroids Worth Mining

Mining company says that's way off

(Newser) - The burgeoning space mining industry might be short lived if Harvard astrophysicist Dr. Martin Elvis' calculations are correct. Elvis has just released a study estimating that just 10 near-Earth asteroids could be mined cost effectively, the BBC reports. Elvis assumed that miners would want to grab M-type rocks, the iron-nickel... More »

Coming in 2015: Asteroid Miners

Space materials can 'expand the civilization of Earth out into the cosmos,' firm says

(Newser) - Asteroid mining is just a few years away, according to a US company, but there won't be any jobs for pickaxe-wielding spacemen just yet: The first probes will only be the size of laptops. Deep Space Industries plans to send the probes on prospecting trips to some of the... More »

2 Stories