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Once-Frenzied NYSE Traders Twiddle Thumbs

Tech upgrades, less volume translate to gin rummy, anyone?

(Newser) - Though financial markets are as unpredictable as ever, the once-frenzied floor traders at the New York Stock Exchange are finding themselves with less to do. The introduction of a hybrid electronic system in 2006 has trimmed the workload of the iconic floor traders, who instead play cards, watch movies, or... More »

IPOs Are Dropping Like Flies

Market slump leads to 10-year high in canceled issues

(Newser) - The subprime flu that’s laid low Wall Street has infected another victim: IPOs. Because of market volatility, 24 IPOs have been shelved this month—the most in a decade, Bloomberg reports. Tommy Hilfiger Corp. highlights a roster of firms that postponed or canceled going public. The largest was Imperium... More »

Looming Tax Bill to Test Dem Loyalties

Bill to help middle class hurts their hedge-fund backers

(Newser) - A bill to give tax breaks to middle- and low-income people by closing loopholes that keep equity executives’ tax rates low is set for a vote this week in Congress, the Washington Post reports, forcing Democrats to choose between standing up for the common man and protecting the hedge-fund managers... More »

Living on the Edge in Connecticut

Will hedge-fund legend Victor Niederhoffer go broke again?

(Newser) - Victor Niederhoffer is many things: a champion squash player, a family man (six children from two wives and a mistress), a blogger, and a math prodigy.  But mostly he is a trader. He amassed huge wealth working with George Soros in the 1980s, losing it all in 1997. He... More »

Mortgage Trouble Rattles Wall Street

Bear Stearns, Goldman earnings reflect subprime bloodbath

(Newser) - Bear Stearns posted a 10% drop in quarterly earnings today, the latest victim of the subprime collapse. The country's second-largest mortgage-bond underwriter posted profits well below expectations, down nearly 33% from last year to $362 million. Goldman Sachs escaped bruised but more-or-less unscathed, with profits up 1% on the strength... More »

5 Stories