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Match-Fixers Targeted Games Ahead of 2010 World Cup

Reports cites payoffs, possible death threat in South Africa

(Newser) - With the next World Cup starting in less than two weeks, a New York Times report reveals extensive efforts to fix matches in the run-up to the last tournament—some of which efforts, it seems, were successful. The Times highlights an investigation by FIFA, the organization in charge of international... More »

Report Blows Lid Off Crime, Drugs in Aussie Sports

'Blackest day in Australian sport,' says one official

(Newser) - Australian sports are besieged by performance-enhancing drugs and organized crime, according to a year-long government investigation, reports the Wall Street Journal . The report didn't name names, but it indicated illegal hormones and other performance enhancers are widespread in Australian sports, facilitated by coaches and trainers. "The findings are... More »

Soccer Infiltrated by Organized Crime

Investigation casts doubt on 680 matches

(Newser) - Is soccer completely rigged? You'd be forgiven for thinking that, in light of a Europol investigation released today that identifies 680 matches authorities suspect were fixed for gambling purposes. The alleged culprit: an Asia-based organized crime syndicate. Authorities suspect at least 425 people, including players and both match and... More »

3 Stories