Ramesh Ponnuru

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Let's Become a Corporate Tax Haven

Ramesh Ponnuru has an idea for radically overhauling the tax code.

(Newser) - What if, instead of countries hiding their money overseas, they were investing it in the US? Ramesh Ponnuru at Bloomberg thinks that not only is it possible, it's the best solution to America's corporate tax quandary. America's 35% corporate tax rate is the highest in the developed... More »

The Gross Ways That Plastic-Bag Bans Backfire

Reusable bags are home to all kinds of germs: Ramesh Ponnuru

(Newser) - Environmental concerns have spurred plastic bag bans or fees in US cities ranging from Los Angeles to Washington—but these measures come with "unintended consequences" that "can be, among other things, kind of gross," writes Ramesh Ponnuru at Bloomberg . It seems that reusable shopping bags can carry... More »

2 Stories