Long Island Expressway

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Fake Passenger, With Briefcase, Doesn't Fool Carpool Police

Long Island driver is busted in the fast lane

(Newser) - The briefcase and baseball cap were nice touches on her supposed passenger, but they weren't enough to keep a Long Island woman from getting a ticket for a carpool lane violation. Police in Suffolk County say Candice Breen-Warren, 61, arranged a bunch of clothes in the passenger seat—adorned... More »

Hundreds of Cars Litter NY Freeway

Long Island Expressway is a snowed-in parking lot

(Newser) - The Long Island Expressway looks like a scene from the apocalypse today. Hundreds of drivers who braved the Northeast's historic snowstorm last night are either stuck there or have abandoned their cars altogether, the New York Times reports. "It’s terrible. It’s cold. I don’t know... More »

2 Stories