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Woman Gets Sick on Hike. She Was Dead 9 Hours Later

Mom says Susanna DeForest, 20, died of acute altitude sickness

(Newser) - A 20-year-old woman with no known previous medical issues died during a hike with friends after apparently suffering acute altitude sickness. The Times Herald reports Susanna DeForest of Pennsylvania was hiking with three friends in Colorado. They left Thursday afternoon on a hike to Conundrum Hot Springs in the Rocky... More »

Prosecutors: Man Stole Wife's $30K Diamond After Murder

Toni Henthorn's rock was missing after fall, but hand wasn't badly injured

(Newser) - A woman whose husband is charged with pushing her to her death off a cliff in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park was wearing her wedding ring when she died, but the expensive diamond was missing, a park ranger testified yesterday. Prosecutors say Harold Henthorn—charged with first-degree murder in... More »

Trial Begins for Man Accused of Shoving Wife Off Cliff

Harold Henthorn's lawyer says deaths of 2 wives were accidental

(Newser) - A man accused of pushing his second wife to her death off a cliff in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park might have killed his first wife in what also appeared to be a freak accident nearly 20 years earlier, prosecutors allege. They will make that argument when a federal... More »

Man Accused of Killing Wife Had Map With 'X'

Documents in Harold Henthorn case also reveal inconsistencies in his stories

(Newser) - Prosecutors say that a 58-year-old Colorado man accused of shoving his wife off a cliff in Rocky Mountain National Park in September 2012 planned her death, fibbed about his employment, and, after marrying her for her money, controlled most aspects of her life, ABC 7 reports. The details:
  • According to
... More »

Man Accused of Killing Wife in Rocky Mountains

The mysterious death of his first wife in 1995 is also under active investigation

(Newser) - A Colorado man was arrested yesterday on suspicion of murdering his second wife, who fell to her death while the couple hiked during a 12th anniversary celebration in Rocky Mountain National Park in 2012, ABC 7 reports. Harold Henthorn was the only witness to his wife Toni Henthorn's 40-foot... More »

Dusty Rockies Melt Early, Imperil Drinking Water

Reddish dust blows in from Southwest, alters management systems

(Newser) - Melting Rocky Mountain snow once offered a regular stream of water to regional farmers and water managers—but that system isn't so reliable anymore. The culprit: Vast amounts of dust that blow in from the Southwest, the Wall Street Journal reports. Darkened by dust, the snow is melting earlier... More »

5 Snowboarders Killed in Colorado Avalanche

Authorities think snowboarders triggered the slide

(Newser) - Five snowboarders were killed after apparently triggering a backcountry avalanche in Colorado, authorities say. Search and rescue crews recovered the bodies several hours after yesterday's slide, which was 600 feet wide. A sixth snowboarder caught in the avalanche was able to dig himself out and call for help; his... More »

West Has Oil That Equals 'World's Proven Reserves'

But GAO official warns Congress about environmental impact

(Newser) - Maybe President Bush should have invaded the Rocky Mountain region instead of Iraq: Turns out that a mostly vacant area of land across Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming has about as much recoverable oil as the world's reserves combined, according to a US official. A government agency "estimates that... More »

Move to Name Peak for John Denver Hits Snag

Federal policy places restrictions on features in wilderness areas

(Newser) - It sounded like a good idea: Thousands of Coloradans have signed a petition to honor environmentalist and "Rocky Mountain High" singer John Denver by naming a peak after him, a 12,965-foot mountain in the central Rockies close to where Denver penned the song. But federal policy is to... More »

Hunters Gear Up for Wolf 'Slaughter'

Congressional budget rider removes animals from endangered list

(Newser) - A massive wolf hunt is coming to the Rocky Mountain states now that Congress has quietly passed a budget rider ordering wolves be taken off endangered species lists everywhere but Wyoming. Since wolves were re-introduced to the region in 1994, their numbers have grown to 1,700, angering ranchers and... More »

Climber Falls to His Death in Rockies

James Charles Patrick's two companions were rescued

(Newser) - A day of rock climbing ended in tragedy in the Rockies after 54-year-old James Charles Patrick tumbled more than 1,000 feet to his death. Patrick was climbing Taylor Glacier with two companions on Saturday when he fell, taking the group's rope with him. The two were able to anchor... More »

Long-Lost Climber's Corpse Found After 21 Years

American mountaineer found frozen in Canadian Rockies

(Newser) - Hikers in the Canadian Rockies have found the frozen body of a climber who fell to his death 21 years ago. William Holland, a 39-year-old geologist from Maine, plunged 1,000 feet from Alberta's Snow Dome Mountain when a snow outcrop collapsed beneath him. Other climbers called off the search... More »

Footloose Llama Safe After Odyssey in Rockies

'Homer' spent about a month on the lam

(Newser) - A llama who went on the lam in the Rocky Mountains is safe and sound after a month on his own. Christened "Homer" by a volunteer rescuer "because of his little odyssey," the 6-month-old has frostbitten ears but is otherwise in decent shape. Theories about the... More »

Hunters Take Aim at Gray Wolf

Animal no longer under federal protection in northern Rockies

(Newser) - Hunters in the northern Rockies will soon take aim at a rare target—the gray wolf. The animal lost its protected species status in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming yesterday, and wildlife agencies in the region are looking to reduce the population by granting hunting licenses for the first time since... More »

Protections End for Gray Wolf

Wildlife groups say it's too soon to remove animals from endangered list

(Newser) - The gray wolf has been taken off the endangered species list in a multi-state area of the northern Rocky Mountains, National Geographic reports. "The wolves are back," said an official of the Department of the Interior. Just 66 of the animals were reintroduced to the region in 1996... More »

Montana's Top 10 Dramatic Spots

(Newser) - It wasn't a scientific survey.  But the results were dramatic.  The Billings Gazette selected a few Montanans ranging from authors to fly fishermen to geologists to pick the most dramatic natural sites in this most  dramatic state. Here's what they came up with:
  1. Beartooth Mountains
  2. Missouri River Breaks
... More »

Seven Wonders of Canada

Yes, Pamela Anderson was nominated, but she didn't win

(Newser) - Yes, Pamela Anderson (she's Canadian) was nominated (it was an open process) but, no - alas, she did not win.  The winners were:
  1. Sleeping Giant,  Thunder Bay
  2. Niagara Falls
  3. Rocky Mountains
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