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Cowboy Lassoes Gunman at Rodeo

He had run out of bullets by then, but still ...

(Newser) - Things got rowdy at a rodeo in Bartow County, Georgia, over the weekend when guests asked a drunk man to leave. Instead, police say Celestino Moras, 25, stood up and started shooting, reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution . One other unidentified person also started firing, and four people ended up with... More »

Teacher Suspended for Pointing Finger Gun at Kid

Was teaching about the Newtown massacre

(Newser) - A Georgia teacher has been suspended after an ill-advised attempt to teach first graders about the Newtown massacre via a game of hide and seek. The teacher, a middle school band director who was subbing a first grade physical education class, at one point aimed a finger gun at a... More »

2 Stories