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Politician's 'Secret Daughter' Is ... Not Related to Him

Steve Cohen is not a dad

(Newser) - You probably didn't think the story of a congressman tweeting "I love you" to a 24-year-old who turned out to be his secret daughter could get any weirder. But you were wrong. It turns out Victoria Brink is not actually related to Democrat Steve Cohen, period. CNN had... More »

I Was Tweeting Secret Daughter, Not Lover: Rep

Steve Cohen explains deleted tweets to Victoria Brink

(Newser) - For a brief, shining moment, the world thought it had another Weinergate on its hands: During the State of the Union address, Rep. Steve Cohen sent a few tweets to a 24-year-old (apparent) bikini model , then deleted them. The Tennessee Democrat is not married, and speculation quickly swirled that he... More »

2 Stories