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Canister of Radioactive Material Stolen in Britain

Police say it's safe ... if it stays in its lead container

(Newser) - Police in Lancashire are asking the public for help and urging them to be careful after a canister containing a small amount of Iridium 192 was stolen from a van there this weekend. The pilfered material—which is housed in a foot-long yellow canister and is used in cancer-fighting radiotherapy,... More »

Horse Meat Found in UK School Lunches

Scandal also spreads to Norway

(Newser) - Looks like UK schoolkids are among the many who have been unwittingly eating horse meat . DNA tests have found horse meat in cottage pies sent to 47 Lancashire schools. Officials believe only a "minute" amount of the rogue meat was actually consumed by children, and say the meat isn'... More »

2 Stories